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Sony TA-AX301 System Control Cable #1 and #2

Here is the next one on the list.


TA-AX301 Amplifier

ST-JX301 Tuner

TC-W301 Cassette

This shares a System Control cable with the TA-AX285 system.

The 11-5-5pin cable (System Control Cable #2) is interchangeable, although Sony gave it a new part number of 1-559-852-21

I will update the description for System Control Cable #2 to reflect this on

System Control #2 Fits both TA-AX285 and TA-AX301


The System Cable #1 is different with an 11-11-5 pin connector.  Currently, I do not have the part number for this cable.

Here is the system control #1 cable.

TA-AX301 System Control 1

TA-AX301 System Control 1


TA-AX285 Sony System Control 1 155985121 System Control 2 155985211

Hey All, back with a 2 part this month.   I’m tackling the TA-AX285 System Control cables #1 and #2, Listed under Sony part number 155985121 and 155985211.

These are the 7 to 7 to 5 pin cable and the 11 to 5 to 5 pin cable.

You can purchase these Cables here


TA-AX285 Stereo Amplifier

ST-JX285 Tuner

TC-W285 Cassette Player

System 1 and System 2 Cables


System Control #1 155985121


System Control Cable #2 PN: 155985211 / 155985221



RCA PA 110-10 CA 110-10 TA 110-10

Hey guys,

Switching up manufacturers this month.  I now have available the 7 to 7 to 5 pin cable that was used on this RCA PA 110-10 Amp to connect it to the Cassette (CA 110-10) and the Tuner (TU 110-10).  I have contacted RCA about the correct part number for this stereo but was told that it was too old and they no longer had that information.   If anyone can provide me with the part number for the connector that would be greatly appreciated.

Here are some photos of the unit and factory cable.

RCA PA110-10 Stereo Front

RCA PA110-10 Stereo Back

RCA PA110-10 Stereo Factory Cable

RCA PA110-10 Stereo Factory Cable

RCA PA110-10 Stereo Factory Cable


Here is my replacement cable for this unit.

RCA PA110-10 Cable


Sorry for the delay on this, I just updated the website and it is now avialable for purchase.   WWW.TOMSCABLES.COM

New Cable Sony 176512111 176512112

Hey guys,  hard at work here.   I have a few new replacement cables that I getting ready to release.

The first one is a Sony 176512111 / 176512112 cable this is the 17 pin cable to connect the head unit to the sub for the following stereos.

As aways they can be purchased at
Oh, I am working on sourcing factory ribbon cable.  This will allow me to repair factory cables provided your connector isn’t damaged.