Extension Cables

Hello to all,

Would there be interest in extension cables to lengthen the factory cable for the SA-VA units?

Please post your replys below,



Sony 179039911 for SAVA 500 and SAVA 700 now shipping!!!

For those owners of SAVA 500 and 700 systems your wait is over.

1590480111 complete

Sony #179039911


I have started building and shipping cables that will fit your stereo.

They will be 10ft long but I can custom build any length.

You can buy them here www.tomscables.com

SAVA 500 SAVA 700 Connectors Received

I have ordered and received male connectors to fit the SAVA 500 and 700 systems.

If you have a connector that looks like this

Thanks Eung-Hun for the pic.

Thanks Eung-Hun for the pic.

I have a cable for you.

Cables will be shipping in about two weeks at 10′ lengths.

If you would like a custom length or just have a general question

contact me at sonysava at gmail.com

Visit my online store for your cables

Sony #179039911 Speaker Cable

For those who have a SAVA 500 or SAVA 700 have you been looking for the RH connection cable part number #179039911 don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about you, unlike someone who discontinued the RH connection cable for these systems.

I will start making these four (4) pin connector cables in the early part of NOV.

If you have a SAVA D900 I have something in the works for you also.  In case you need it the part number for your connection cable is #179276211