30 thoughts on “SA-IF70

  1. You shold have a wireless transmitter, the speakers, and a remote power supply for the speakers.

    Most of the SA-VA units had a connection port for the wireless transmitter.

  2. Looking for a decent Sony SA-VD900 system. Just email me back if you have one up for sale or trade for….?

  3. i got a sava500 that i bought brand new when it came out and i want to buy the set wireless sa -if i70 to complete my system if you have any for sale or any web site that sales them please let me know,thanks any body out there please if you have any for sale let me know thanks.

  4. Hey I see a few people on this thread looking for SA-IF70 Sony wireless speakers and I just found a set of these in the original box complete with styrofoam packaging…two speakers and the transmitter. I bought them when they came out and used them for awhile but then bought a house that had rear surround speakers built into the wall so I didn’t have to worry about wires anymore. If anyone is still interested in purchasing a set feel free to email me an offer at and maybe we can work something out.

  5. Anyone still trying to acquire a set of Sony SA-IF Rear Wireless Speakers? I have a great complete set (including manuals) plus the customized, adjustable supports (flat floor or carpet pins) made for speakers.

    Visit Ebay.

  6. I just got 3 Mint sony SA-IF70s wireless units and the input adapter. Currently looking for EMT-70 Cable, does anyone know where to get one or worse comes to worse sell the the 3 sonys.

  7. Hi,
    I have an excellent condition sava-29 and I am looking to purchase wireless sa-IF70 with the transmitter. Anyone with interest of selling a good set please contact me,thank you.

  8. Hi I have a set of sava-57 speakers along with sa-if57 wireless speakers and the remote control I want to get rid of them I really dont have the need for them anymore.I live in lakeland florida If interested email me at My name is Kevin Thanks

  9. I also have a pair of SA-IF70S speakers (IR/infrared), but one of them will not stay connected. They are part of my SAVA-59 5-piece system (L/R towers, center, 2 rears). Otherwise, the system is working great and the cables are in good shape, if anyone is interested in making an offer on the complete set.
    BUT, has anyone seen any posts about mods / mod / modding the SA-IF70 / SA-IF70S speakers to convert one/both speakers into a standard powered speaker that includes an RCA or 3.5mm headphone input (for computers, smartphone/mp3 players, etc) ???
    Not seeing any DIY forums on Google mentioning modding these speakers. Just a thought.
    Might crack open my faulty speaker and see how easy it is to disconnect/remove the IR function and add a Line-In and/or 2nd channel output for the 2nd speaker.
    Let me know your thoughts. – Matt

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