Sava 57

Amplifier Section:

Continuous RMS Power output – Total 200W

Center Channel Tweeter  – 50W (4 ohms at 1 kHz, 9% THD)

Front channel/Center Channel Woofer – 25W + 25W (8 ohms at 1 kHz, 9% THD)

Super Woofer – 35W + 35W (6 ohms at 40 Hz, 9% THD)

Rear – 30 W (8 ohms at 1kHz, 9% THD)

Input Sensitivity/Impedance – 1/2 – 450mV, 50kohms

Output – 1/2 – 450mV, 1kohm

External Center – 50W (4ohms at 1kHz, 9% THD), 4-8 ohms

Rear Speaker – Accepts only EMT-VA57

Wireless rear speaker – Supplied SA-IF57 (active 1, passive 1)

R-ch speaker  – Accepts only SAVA-57 R-ch Speaker with supplied exclusive speaker cord

Tone Control – Front – Bass:±10dB at 100Hz, Treble:±10dB at 10kHz

Speaker Section


Front – Bass reflex type

Center – Bass reflex type

Super Woofer – SAW type

Rear – Bass reflex type

Speaker Unit

Center full range: 10cm cone type (x2)

Front tweeter: 5cm cone type (x2)

Front Woofer: 12cm cone type (x2)

Super woofer: 16cm cone type (x2)

Rear full range: 10cm cone type(x2)


Power Requirement

U.S.A., Canada, and Central south America: 120V AC, 60Hz

Other Models: 220-230V AC, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption

USA: 130W

Others: 120W

Rear speaker: 30W


Front speaker: Approx. 285 x 1100 x 460mm (11¼ x 43¾ x 18½ inches) (w/h/d, including speaker base)

Rear: Approx. 135 x 235 x 185mm (5.38 x 9.38 x 7.38inches) (w/h/d)


Front speaker (L): 24kg (53lb)

Front speaker (R): 21kg (47lb)

Rear speaker (active): 3kg (7lb)

Rear speaker (passive): 1.5kg (4lb)

Supplied accessories

Wireless Rear speakers – SA-IF57 (active1, passive1)

Wireless infrared transmitter – EMT-VA57 (1)

Front L/R Speaker Connectiong cord, 3.5m (1)

Audio Connecting cord, 1.5m (1)

Remote commander RM-j57 (1)

Sony SUM-3 (NS) batteries (2)

SCART adaptor cable (1) European model only


42 thoughts on “SAVA 57

  1. Hi there. I’m looking for the Wireless infrared transmittev EMT-VA57 for my system SAVA-57.

    I wonder if somebody can tell me where I can found it.

    Thanks a lot for your help.


  2. Hi there. I’m looking for the Wireless infrared transmittev EMT-VA57 for my system SAVA-57.

    I wonder if somebody can tell me where I can purchase just the wireless transmitter.

    Thank You!

    Kristen P.

  3. For Sale I have the two tall speakers and the two wireless rear speakers they all 4 r in great shape. Please email me if interested

    • Hi, I just bought a pair of Sony sa-if57 speakers (no towers, poles, transmitters, etc. I thought I would add these to my Yamaha surround system, but when I came across these comments, it makes me worry if I can just hook them up like any other speaker. Would you mind e-mailing me at: and tell me about what kind of system these go with and what else do I need to make these work? Thanks!

  4. Would anyone happen to know where I could purchase the wire for the r-ch speaker input for SAVA-57 only? I don’t know a whole lot about this stuff. I acquired a set of tower speakers with remote surround sound from my dad, but I’m missed the wire that connects the two tower speakers.



  5. For Sale: Sony SAVA-57 surround sound home theater system. I purchased this system new in 1998 for nearly $900 and have used it very little. Excellent condition; everything works like new. Smoke-free, child-free home. Included are (2) Tower speakers, (2) wireless rear speakers, (1) infrared transmitter, remote control, front speakers connecting cord, rear speaker wire, and owner’s manual. First $200 takes it all. Northern IL/Southern WI area. Contact me at


    • Hi. I have a va57 transmitter for sale. These things are hard to find separately. My speakers were ruined during a move and I thought I had thrown it away but I’m cleaning out the garage and here it is. First person with $50 can buy it from me. Contact mike at the above email.

      • Hi, Mike… I would be interested in you SAVA 57 transmitter for $50 if I’m not too late. Please let me know if it is still available.


  7. i have the SAVA-57 its a complete set,i think the remote control has internal defects coz it doesnt work,1,is the remote repairable?2.can i tune the speakers’ bass,treble’,without the remote,and if yes,then how do i operate it on the tower,also my wireless rear it detects the transmitter and change from red to green but no sound is heard,what should i do

  8. I have a set of sony sa va 57 tower speakers, and thats all I have, no cables or any thing else, can I make these speakers work ? are they worth keeping ? any help would be helpful.

  9. Hi guys !
    Does anyone know the name of the original remote control for the SAVA-57 ? I found the RM J27 on the internet, but i’m not sure if this one will work with the sava57 system ?

  10. Is it possible for the remote to operate a TV that is not Sony? The remote has TV/VCR controls, but I do not know how to connect it to a TV. Please help? Sony support was no help at all because the unit is too old…

  11. I have the Sony Sava-57 system and my transmitter is not working.. it will not even change color to my speakers.. do I replace the
    Transmitter or?

  12. Hi I have a set of sava-57 speakers along with a set of sa-1f57 wireless speakers.Also have wiring cable hookups along with handheld remote control. If intersested email me

  13. Need to sell sava57 surround system I have the tall speakers the wireless speakers with remote contol and all the cable hookups Sell all for $200.00 if interested email me thanks Kevin

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