Sony TA-AX301 System Control Cable #1 and #2

Here is the next one on the list.


TA-AX301 Amplifier

ST-JX301 Tuner

TC-W301 Cassette

This shares a System Control cable with the TA-AX285 system.

The 11-5-5pin cable (System Control Cable #2) is interchangeable, although Sony gave it a new part number of 1-559-852-21

I will update the description for System Control Cable #2 to reflect this on

System Control #2 Fits both TA-AX285 and TA-AX301


The System Cable #1 is different with an 11-11-5 pin connector.  Currently, I do not have the part number for this cable.

Here is the system control #1 cable.

TA-AX301 System Control 1

TA-AX301 System Control 1



TA-AX285 Sony System Control 1 155985121 System Control 2 155985211

Hey All, back with a 2 part this month.   I’m tackling the TA-AX285 System Control cables #1 and #2, Listed under Sony part number 155985121 and 155985211.

These are the 7 to 7 to 5 pin cable and the 11 to 5 to 5 pin cable.

You can purchase these Cables here


TA-AX285 Stereo Amplifier

ST-JX285 Tuner

TC-W285 Cassette Player

System 1 and System 2 Cables


System Control #1 155985121


System Control Cable #2 PN: 155985211 / 155985221